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      MATS Sports Events Calendar

      • Oct
      • 7
      Lady Mats Golf at Alhambra
      • 3:30pm PDT Ical_event_icon
      • Franklin Canyon GC, Highway 4, Hercules 510-799-6191
      • Tag(s): Golf (Lady Mats) 
      • Oct
      • 8
      Dougherty Valley at Football (Frosh)
      • Oct
      • 9
      Clovis Invitational
      • Oct
      • 9
      Football (Junior Varsity) at Dougherty Valley
      • 4:30pm PDT Ical_event_icon
      • Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon
      • Tag(s): Football (JV) 
      • Oct
      • 9
      Mats Football at Dougherty Valley HS
      • 7:00pm PDT Ical_event_icon
      • Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon
      • Game #7
      • Tag(s): Football 

      Matador Sports Network Schedule

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      to upcoming broadcasts, as well as links to previously broadcasted events, 
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      WELCOME BACK 2015-16 MATS!


      Almost 1/3 of the students at Middletown High School lost their homes in the Valley Fire, and the school is asking for monetary donations to help. The school is still shut down, and they hope to reopen on October 1st. If we could get each family to donate just $5 (the equivalent of a Starbucks' Frappuccino), we could really make a difference for our neighbors in need.


      Thank you!

      Why Create an Account on the Boosters Website?

      The Miramonte Boosters Club would like to thank all of you who choose to support our sports programs with your generous donations to the Boosters. With your help, the Miramonte Mats are able to build a diverse, competitive and well-equipped sports program.

      This site, which is now the central hub for all Miramonte sports teams, was built and is maintained by the Boosters, and it is here that you will find timely schedules, scores and information on our sports teams, as well as a wide variety of content geared towards the student-athlete and their parents. 

      To get the most out of your experience on this site, please create a Boosters website account by clicking on the Create an Account button in the upper left hand corner of this site.  Why?  I'm glad you asked!  Here area some reasons why to sign on today:

      • Boosters needs to send information to its members on a regular basis - where to pick up your Passes, when Mats gear will be distributed, fundraising parties, etc. Signing up will ensure that you are in the know!
      • Can't find a picture of your football or tennis player? With a Boosters account, download shared photos from your team's page!
      • Want to share photos or videos? An account will allow you to upload your favorite photos and videos
      • Want to know the score of a Mats game?  You too can receive social media score alerts, communicate with your teams, and much more.

      See, there is no reason to wait... Create your account today!

      MATS 2014- 2015 NCS CHAMPS!






      Register to Watch All Events for Free!

      All archived events are available at no charge. Starting October 27th, all live sports on the Miramonte Sports Network will require a subscription fee, but Miramonte Boosters has covered the costs for our Miramonte Community.

      Here’s how to sign up for free:

      1. Go to

      2. Type in the complimentary code: gomats and click “Redeem” (be sure to not capitalize the code - all lower case)

      3. Type in your email address and create a password. This will be your login information that you will use in the future.

      4. Check the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” box and click “Next”.

      5. Click “Redeem Voucher”

      6. Click “Watch Events Now”

      7. Using the search bar at the top of the screen, search for “Miramonte High School”

      8. Next time, just go straight to the Matador Sports Network and be sure that you’re logged in.

      Why Become a Boosters Member?

      Simply put, if you are the parent of a student-athlete at MHS, you need to be a member of the Miramonte Boosters Club.

      At Miramonte, we are fortunate to have a long and proud tradition of high caliber athletics to complement our excellent academics. Our sports teams are always competitive and have brought many a championship to our school. And our sports teams are able to compete at such a high level in part due to the funding provided by the Miramonte Boosters. The Boosters provide funding to every sport at Miramonte - without that funding, the school would not be able to offer so many athletic options for our kids.

      Our student athletes make up more than 75% of the student body...that's the good news. Now for the bad news...less than 25% of Miramonte families support the Boosters. That means for every three families who have a student athlete, only one of those families helps support our sports programs. Since 60% of our funds are generated from Memberships, increasing the number of member families is crucial to our sports programs. Our objective this year is to raise awareness of the critical role that the Boosters play in Miramonte athletics and get closer to 100% participation as Booster contributors from student athlete families. Memberships start as low as $100, and all of the funds are distributed among all of the sports programs based on budgets submitted by the coaches.

      Boosters' Club relies on membership donations to add support to all the after school athletics programs at Miramonte High School, providing support the School District is unable to provide (especially in these times of shrinking funds). Through the generosity of parents and community members, Boosters is able to provide needed equipment and supplies to all sports teams, as well as underwrite a trainer and weight room supervisor. In addition, Boosters is there when big-ticket items are needed such as pole vault pits, wrestling mats, soccer goals, tennis nets, and benches for spectators, and much, much more.

      Boosters accepts matching donations.

      Donations to Boosters are tax deductible.


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      Did You Know...

      ...that by creating an account on the Boosters website, you can customize your experience?  Want to receive score alerts for football?  Want to post pictures and videos to the girl's volleyball page?  

      Create an account today and stay informed!  Click here or on the Create an Account link in the upper left hand corner to get started.

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      Where are the Boosters Funds Spent?

      The Boosters funds the equipment needs of all Mats sports teams based on the budgets submitted by each team's coach.

      2014 MATS Mens Water Polo NCS Championship